Friday, May 22, 2009

I Got Somethin' for You to Ban...Right Here, Pal

A couple of very irrelevantly random, unrelated things are on my mind at the moment.

The first being that I’ve somehow come to really enjoy I was highly skeptical at first, but now I’m finding it to be a nice forum for those fleeting streams of consciousness that live and die in the mind within a few moments, then are forgotten soon after.

I’m ‘following’ quite a few celebrities/public personalities just to see what they have to say. Although some of them rarely contribute, others contribute consistently. Some of them are very amusing, others are thought provoking or even sweet – but the one thing they have in common is that they’re interesting. At least the ones I’m still following.

Some of them even post pictures while they’re traveling, which is a great way for famous actors and musicians to share all the great places and things they see with their fans. In a way, it let’s you into their life a bit. It sort of lets you live vicariously through them, if only for a moment.

Just today Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows has basically been posting pictures all day of his experiences while performing for an episode of "Live from Abbey Road" or something like that. Abbey Road being a famous recording studio where many famous artists have recorded, including the Beatles, of course.

That’s a place I would probably never see in my lifetime, but thanks to him, I got a glimpse of what it’s like inside – including a picture of the men’s urinal there, which has some graffiti from Paul McCartney etched on it. Nice…

Anyway, if you’d like to follow my ‘Tweets,’ feel free to do so. My Twitter handle is s4shangrila. At the moment, I’m reading more than I’m updating.

Here’s the other thing I was just thinking about. It’s amazing that at one point certain books were banned for one ridiculous reason or another. Exercising good judgment when it comes to your kids is one thing. Banning a book from the general public, is an entirely different, and ignorant thing to do!

Check out this list, which has many of them (and read ‘em!):


  1. Yes, Twitter is completely habit forming!

  2. I have just bookmarked the banned books list! I've made a note to read all the ones i haven't, so i know what all the fuss is about. I have read a lot of them and seriously, parents are so ignorant to want to ban these. I remember reading Lady Chatterly's lover expecting it to be all risque but was bitterly disappointed. I wanted the risque! Stupid ignorant idiots!

  3. PS: I do not agree with the whole Twitter culture i'm afraid. I will never be on Twitter in all my life. Even if society breaks down and we must exist our social lives only on Twitter, i will be the rebel out in the street refusing! :)