Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oye, I'm Schvitzing

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in South Florida?

Get an industrial sized humidifier for your house and run it until your home reaches at least 80% humidity. Then, turn the heat up until it reaches 99 degrees and hang out in it for a while.


That’s what it’s like.

It’s literally like living in a Turkish bathhouse for cryin' out loud.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

This weather sucks worse than anything has ever sucked in the history of all humankind.

Until something else sucks worse, that is.

Even my fingers are schvitzing as I type this. Oye!

Have I mentioned how much this weather sucks?


  1. Your analogy was hilarious. I always say that I feel like someone is following me around with a hairdryer on full blast whenever I'm in Vegas ... that has nothing to do with humidifiers or Florida ... but whatever. Just move to New York and you can bake on concrete in the summertime and inadvertently step knee-dip into an ice puddle in the winter.

  2. sounds like a trip to Chicago is in order, plenty of cool going on here now thats for damn sure. Thought of you at DMB last night, good times....

  3. Kelly! yeah, i definitely need to make my way there at some point. i'll prolly love it for several reasons, one of which has to do with the fact that it doesn't get 'africa hot' there...glad you got to see/hear DMB live. as much as i enjoy their music recordings, they're so much better live, IMO!

  4. BNY, yeah it is like that in Vegas, nice way to put it! honestly, if i had to pick my poison, i'd take the cold over this humid body consistently produces way too much heat to enjoy hot weather!