Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Just Memories of Walking..."

I don't know what some people had against Washington Square Park before the current renovation project started, but I've loved it from the moment I first set foot in it. I always think of all the stories I've heard about the many different types of characters who've congregated there over the decades. The place has definitely been romanticized for me, so I may be biased -- but I liked it just fine the way it was pre-Bloomberg.

Anyway, I took this random photo in the park during my Autumn 2008 trip. I remember sitting on this bench, close to the chess tables on the southwest side, taking a break after walking about 10 blocks and noticing this elderly woman to my left.

It's strange how things like this happen to me, but as I was sitting there on this bench, and the song Washington Square by the Counting Crows actually started playing on my iPod.

My eyes lit up when I realized what song was playing. "How strange!" I thought to myself. But that thought was quickly replaced by, "How awesome!" Right after that, I remember a cool breeze hitting my face, as I looked to my left.

And that's the moment this picture reminds me of. It was taken right after the song came on.


  1. Sorry I can't seem to stop commenting, must be the shared NYC obsession. I loved this song the moment I heard it and when I found Washington Square park completely by accident on a recent trip to NYC, I was beyond excited. I also found Sullivan Street. My French travelling companion couldn't comprehend my joy, I gave up trying to explain.

    I miss New York!!

    PS Going to see the Counting Crows in May!

  2. that's ok, I like comments...keep 'em coming! You sound like me talking about that...I was all excited when I first found Sullivan Street too...I still have the picture I took of the street sign too. have fun at the show!

  3. Washington Square has changed so much over the years... I used to perform there for pass a hat fare in my youth... early 80's...

  4. that's pretty cool...i like that you're able to say you've done that. ahhh, early 80s...high school days for me.