Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MoMA Mia

I enjoy going to museums to look at art exhibitions. But you really do have to try and keep an open mind about what you're looking at.

Actually, I think you really have no choice but keep an open mind in order to give certain pieces a chance. That said, I've never been much of a Modern Art type of guy. I know art is subjective, which is a good thing, but sometimes I just have a tough time understanding why certain art is actually considered interesting; especially if it's something that I or even my 8-year-old nephew could do.

I have an even tougher time comprehending how certain exhibits end up in well-known museums like MoMA in New York City.  Take this one below, for example, which was taken with my iPhone.

I don't remember who the artist was that made this, but it's basically a bunch of horizontal brush strokes of white paint in various places on a white canvas.

I hate to pick on this piece because it probably meant something to someone, but I really just don't see anything interesting or even good about it. To this day, I'm baffled as to why it was hanging on the walls of MoMA.

To each their own, I suppose.

Maybe my ever-expanding horizons are still too narrow to appreciate it, I dunno.  The next one I just happened to see shortly after the white-paint-on-white-canvas one, and could appreciate it simply because I could see that it took talent to create.

Even though this wouldn't normally be my cup of tea either, the jolly doctor with a full-size belly did get a smirk of appreciation from me. This one, unlike the first one, I wouldn't be able to do myself. The next and last one was in the photography section of the museum.

Prior to seeing this, I had never really took notice of how lovely Elizabeth Taylor was in her youth. I don't think I fully understood how she was so popular among men in her heyday. But, after seeing this photo of her, I was surprised at how beautiful and feminine she looked. I now understand why men made such a big deal over her back then. This is, I think, an excellent photo of her.

I must admit, I found that most of the art in MoMA really didn't fit my taste. I tend to like the Renoir and Monet type of paintings the best. So far, I would say, of all the museums in NYC, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has the best variety, even though it's a tourist haven. I still have yet to visit the Guggenheim, so the jury is still out on that, but you really can't go wrong with The Met, in my opinion.

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