Monday, February 23, 2009

No Reservations

love the show 'No Reservations' with Anthony Bourdain, which plays on the Travel Channel.

I happened to watch tonight's episode twice because he did a show on NYC's food, and well, I love NYC and it's food.

If you love learning about different foods and cultures of the world, this show is a must see. And it's not just the things you learn from watching the show that makes the show enjoyable -- the concept of traveling to different countries to film a show about their culture and food is great -- but it's Tony who really makes the show.

His genuine, down to earth, and honest prose is what really tops off an already interesting format, and is what keeps me interested. You can tell by watching the show that the guy is a true food afficionado, and he adds that intangible x-factor to the show's entertainment value.

Check out his blog. Better yet, check out the show. It's good stuff...


  1. hey, digging your blog! Aruturo Fuente! I can't smoke em like I used to, but still love the aroma...thanks for adding my blog to your roll...

  2. No problem! Thanks for stopping by. Really dig your blog too!