Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Butterfly World

I took these photos sometime in 2007 at Butterfly World in Florida. Having never gone before, I didn't know what to expect, other than seeing a bunch of different flutterbys, obviously. As it turned out, there were much more than butterflies there. I really enjoyed the place.

There were many different types of exotic birds, as well as other types of interesting looking insects. Great place for kids who like birds and butterflies.

Both the butterflies and birds have their own little sanctuaries where they fly around free and unfettered. There are lots of flowers and trees, not to mention the pleasant, soothing sound that comes from water flowing out of the fountains and mini-currents from little ponds in the sanctuaries.

For someone who likes to take pictures, this place was perfect. There's so much to beauty there to capture.

The photo of the two birds is one my favorites from my visit. Not for the pic itself, per se -- but for me, it was one of those rare perfect-timing shots. I really love how the moment of affection between these two little birds was captured.

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