Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Wicked Lotta Beahs at Cheahs

I thought I'd diversify a little and put up a couple pics that I took from a few trips I took to Boston. Although NYC will always be where my heart is, Boston represents some very good memories for me. And I happen to love the Red Sox. Most baseball fans of the Sox or Yankees probably would probably be horrified at the fact that I love both cities, but I do. I fell in love with both cities the first time I set foot in them.

I took the first pic as I was standing in front of Paul Revere's house. I was walking the Freedom Trail that day, loving the crisp, cool 30 degree 'weathah.' The second is from Boston's Public Gardens downtown, which is a very pretty, peaceful place to relax. The third is from the Granary Burying ground, which has some amazing historic figures buried there. Boston's has so much history, which I find fascinating. The fourth and fifth are random shots taken while walking in Boston's North End, which is the Italian part of town -- the city's own 'Little Italy.'

Oh, and do yourself a favor. If you're ever in Boston's North End, you MUST have some gelato at the Gelateria. Oh. My. God. Absolutely delectable. I recommend the mango!

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