Thursday, March 26, 2009

Metrosexual Musings

The fact that I actually enjoy this blog adds more fuel to my ever-lingering suspicions that there truly may be something very, very wrong with me.

I say that because it's not like I can really relate to her experiences, and I can't imagine there being very many 38 year-old heterosexual males flocking to the blog to read it, much less being interested in the subject matter and actually liking it.

Apparently, I must be more metrosexual than I realized. I embraced fitting into that description a long time ago, but somehow I always seem surprised when I'm able to confirm this.

I'd say I have plenty of attributes for people to complain about, but fitting into the 'metro' mold isn't one of them. I can fit in and feel completely comfortable in a room full of heterosexual beer-drinking, cheese-eating, football-watching rudimentary buffoons just as easily as I would if I were at a disco ball utopia like the Copacabana, surrounded by eccentric, flamboyantly proud, gay male divas prancing around in purple g-strings and assless chaps.

Wow, talk about digressing.

Anyway, she has a post regarding a visit to NYC that I found quirky and amusing, which is how I'd describe the overall blog so far. I can somehow totally relate to this particular line:

"I could see myself living here and falling madly in love with it, much like I adore Coco [her dog] even though she eats poop."

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